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So for the large companies, the vast majority of them are multiyear contracts. This quarter, the company has added on to its AEC deals with an agreement with Bouygues Construction, which will collaborate with Dassault on building a residential product line for modular construction using the 3DExperience platform. By the way, we are recertifying all our people in the company. And for the personnel-related costs, the commitment we took is, point number one, we will not lay off. Then after, we build the revenue -- the top-lines. It's also our platform for development. So the consequences are significant. You have understood now that in life sciences and Healthcare, there is something significant happening, and it's needed and it's revealed here, and we are focusing on that, on personalized knowledge capitalization, reinventing the value chain, transforming the research, development, clinical trial and manufacturing, and of course, being able to build the total quality discipline. But the growth is -- for the full year is -- so far is for the quarter is plus 7%. It's the real power of open innovation with experience-based design, production on using 3D printing and other techniques to really provide those results. And the reason is because we gave some -- we extended the payment terms for the partners. Thanks for taking the question. And your last question comes from the line of Alexander Tout from Deutsche Bank. Your next question comes from the line of Julian Serafini from Jefferies. And especially for CATIA and ENOVIA, transporation and mobility still represent a significant part of their revenue. And the framework is based on one goal which is easy for you to understand. That's what we can say. It's a way for us to engage with customers. For the rest, you can see that in terms of capital expenditure, we expanded our facilities in India, because we are reinforcing our activities in this country. On this environment, I think customers are also realizing that the answer of integrated collaboration goes beyond just working from home. ET. And we also did some share buyback to offset, in fact, the two -- when we did the acquisition of Medidata, at the time of the closing, we had convert their -- all their long-term incentive plan with Dassault Systèmes shares. There is a video. But there is a lot of value to accelerate our expansion in this part of the company because you remember, we -- the de facto standard for the commercial side, but on the defense, we are substituting competitors' installed base. Keep in mind that we renewed 40% of the maintenance and support in Q1. But I do expect to have some churn on the midsized market, the same thing we saw in 28% and 29% because some of the companies will probably go to bankruptcy. And it's also highlighting the fact that we made a lot of progress in this space. The first one was just on Medidata and the life sciences business. And I say because I'm keeping the commitment to maintain the EPS level at the same level of the '19, the cost structure would be equivalent to '19. Hi guys. It's not us telling this, it's all the economists, and a progressive recovery in Q3 and Q4. Remember, this year, we -- the plan is for Boeing, and it's something I shared. Celsion adopted Medidata for something specific which is going to be probably a first in the world. François-José Bordonado That would also be useful. And you need to do a lot of engineering upfront. It's called my MyMedidata. And we expect that the -- at least in mid countries between May and June, we will be able to restart completely, either fully, but we start. This time frame is appropriate to make these transformations because this is definitively the solution. And last slide which is at 51, you have the numbers for 2020. OK? Medidata adoption is going extremely well. Q3, we are expecting to be almost close to minus 20% and do the balance in Q4 which basically means minus 11%, minus 12%. To what extent has the customer conversations were not changed versus say the initial point when you made the acquisition? But when you have a crisis, the model doesn't -- the optimization doesn't work. Discover the winners now through the video. And this documentation has to be generative. And this -- in this category, you have several brands including SOLIDWORKS, Centric PLM, 3DVIA. I was amazed to discover certain cockpits that people have been setting up at home like the one at the center page here, where this is a friend of one of our colleagues in Dallas, in America, Texas. Dassault Systèmes, the 3D EXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. For the quarter, Dassault Systèmes has reported €1.14 billion, operating margin 29.2%, EPS €0.95, up 9%; The company’s recurring revenue is 83% of total software; Q1 cash flow from operations of €458 million We believe that this is the future and it's essential to improve that sector. Want to show off a cool project you made this year? Data Provided by Refinitiv. Q1 2020 preliminary total revenue 2.5% to 5% below the low-end of Q120 objectives, reflecting weaker new licenses revenue and lower services activity ... ©2020 Dassault Systèmes… The second thing is science. And I rebase the budget accordingly. Page 39. And I think together, we are really concentrating on that. Usually, they are at 30 days. The North is on plan, growing on the recurring part of the revenue including also the new licenses. But clearly, the statistics shows that the clinic -- the passion acquisition is becoming something which is critical, on which, will expose the sector longer term if we don't -- if they don't adopt the kind of platform we have. We are committed to maintain the EPS level at the same level that it was in 2019. So just to add a few things. VÉLIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France — April 23, 2020 — Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) announces IFRS unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March. So basically, the placebo for one group could also be powered by the comparison to virtual synthetic control arm. To conclude, I want to cover briefly three big sectors of the economy. 2020 Q1. And you will notice that we -- the new way we are reporting for all the software related to what we call the Industrial Innovation. OK? We continue to support it at our own cost by providing this infrastructure for so many innovators around the world. Because you'll remember, it's solutions widely used in aerospace. Investor Contacts. It's a proof point that we are fully operational. This is a very profound evolution. So the half coming from the non-personnel cost, the way I did it is I looked at the cost structure for '19. Dassault Systèmes Provides Preliminary First Quarter 2020 non-IFRS Total Revenue Growth Outlook Preliminary and Unaudited 2020 First Quarter non-IFRS Financial Information (Unaudited, all revenue growth at constant currency and on a non-IFRS basis) Q1 2020 preliminary total revenue 2.5% to 5% below the low-end of Q120 objectives, And here, you have the full effect of the different tax regime, whether it's the new French tax regime for the software or the UX -- the U.S. one. So nevertheless, I'm taking some measure. So I think it's easier to see the video on the real experience of the product than it is to look at the PowerPoint. Q1 2020 preliminary total revenue 2.5% to 5% below the low-end of Q120 objectives, reflecting weaker new licenses revenue and lower services activity ... ©2020 Dassault Systèmes… First and above all of course using the collaborative virtualization to help our clients and partners to continue their business from home. Thank you. And then maybe just to dig in on the recurring revenue side. Good morning. And you also have the guidance for Q2. Remember, we are -- the payout for the dividend is only a third of the net income in the IFRS. Reviewer Role Company Size. And basically, what we think we can do is based on the data science, we can simulate what we call a virtual arm of comparison, synthetic control arm, and help improve clinical trial by having different kind of comparison. Headlines. So to a certain extent, it's a way to be secure. Because we believe that we -- on $37.5, we can have a better collaborative environment than Dropbox Slack on WhatsApp. FDA is involved in that process. In the other aspect of the landscape, I think it's too early to say. So let's start with Asia. We are connecting the desktop installed base with 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the cloud.

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