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2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. [5] Book 68 in Cassius Dio's Roman History, which survives mostly as Byzantine abridgments and epitomes, is the main source for the political history of Trajan's rule. [276], Trajan was a prolific builder in Rome and the provinces, and many of his buildings were erected by the gifted architect Apollodorus of Damascus. The senator Pliny had endowed his city of Comum a perpetual right to an annual charge (vectigal) of thirty thousand sestertii on one of his estates in perpetuity even after his death (Pliny's heirs or any subsequent purchaser of the estate being liable), with the rent thus obtained contributing to the maintenance of Pliny's semi-private charitable foundation. [58], As a senatorial Emperor, Trajan was inclined to choose his local base of political support from among the members of the ruling urban oligarchies. The Romans gradually tightened their grip around Decebalus' stronghold in Sarmizegetusa Regia,[123] which they finally took and destroyed. Also, Trajan withdrew from circulation silver denarii minted before the previous devaluation achieved by Nero, something that allows for thinking that Trajan's devaluation had to do with political ends, such as allowing for increased civil and military spending. [12][2], Trajan was the son of Marcia, a Roman noblewoman and sister-in-law of the second Flavian Emperor Titus,[13] and Marcus Ulpius Trajanus, a prominent senator and general from the gens Ulpia. [16], In 91, Trajan was created ordinary Consul for the year, which was a great honour as he was in his late thirties and therefore just above the minimum legal age (32) for holding the post. aurquhart83. What was permanently included in the province, after the post-Trajanic evacuation of some land across the lower Danube,[139] were the lands extending from the Danube to the inner arch of the Carpathian Mountains, including Transylvania, the Metaliferi Mountains and Oltenia. He had pursued a senatorial career without particular distinction and had not been officially adopted by Trajan (although he received from him decorations and other marks of distinction that made him hope for the succession). [34], On his entry to Rome, Trajan granted the plebs a direct gift of money. The patria of the Ulpii was Italica, in Spanish Baetica. Roman authorities liked to play the Greek cities against one another[70] – something of which Dio of Prusa was fully aware: [B]y their public acts [the Roman governors] have branded you as a pack of fools, yes, they treat you just like children, for we often offer children the most trivial things in place of things of greatest worth [...] In place of justice, in place of the freedom of the cities from spoliation or from the seizure of the private possessions of their inhabitants, in place of their refraining from insulting you [...] your governors hand you titles, and call you 'first' either by word of mouth or in writing; that done, they may thenceforth with impunity treat you as being the very last! [20], As the details of Trajan's military career are obscure, it is only sure that in 89, as legate of Legio VII Gemina in Hispania Tarraconensis, he supported Domitian against an attempted coup. The good : Trajan did alot of bad things but he also did good. [25] As a token of his influence, Sura would later become consul for the third time in 107. [85] Also, according to the Digest, it was decreed by Trajan that when a city magistrate promised to achieve a particular public building, it was incumbent on his heirs to complete the building. He was a strong ruler for over 19 years when he became ill in Syria and died in 117 A.D. Trajan was second in the list of the "Five Good Emperors" who ruled Rome during the Pax Romana, and lasted until the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180 A.D. Pliny the Younger, for example, celebrates Trajan in his panegyric as a wise and just emperor and a moral man. [112], Following the design of Apollodorus of Damascus, Trajan ordered the building of a massive bridge over the Danube, over which the Roman army was able to cross the river swiftly and in numbers, as well as to send in reinforcements, even in winter when the river was not frozen enough to bear the passage of a party of soldiers. Trajan's war against the Parthian Empire ended with the sack of the capital Ctesiphon and the annexation of Armenia and Mesopotamia. Ancient sources on Trajan's personality and accomplishments are unanimously positive. He saw this withdrawal as simply a temporary setback, but he was destined never to command an army in the field again, turning his Eastern armies over to Lusius Quietus, who meanwhile (early 117) had been made governor of Judaea and might have had to deal earlier with some kind of Jewish unrest in the province. [118] In 104 Decebalus devised a failed attempt on Trajan's life by means of some Roman deserters, and held prisoner Trajan's legate Longinus, who eventually poisoned himself while in custody. [93], Nevertheless, while the office of corrector was intended as a tool to curb any hint of independent political activity among local notables in the Greek cities,[94] the correctores themselves were all men of the highest social standing entrusted with an exceptional commission. [79] Eventually, Dio gained for Prusa the right to become the head of the assize-district, conventus (meaning that Prusans did not have to travel to be judged by the Roman governor), but eleutheria (freedom, in the sense of full political autonomy) was denied. 2 – Trajan (98 – 117 AD) Trajan was born near Seville in 52 AD which ensured he had the distinction of becoming the first Roman Emperor who was not born in Italy. The care bestowed by Trajan on the managing of such public spectacles led the orator Fronto to state approvingly that Trajan had paid equal attention to entertainments as well as to serious issues. [113], The following winter, King Decebalus took the initiative by launching a counter-attack across the Danube further downstream, supported by Sarmatian cavalry,[114] forcing Trajan to come to the aid of the troops in his rearguard. In the East, that meant the families of Greek notables. He proclaimed that a new day of liberty had dawned. Robert Mankin, "Edward Gibbon: Historian in Space". [31] When Nerva died on 27 January 98, Trajan succeeded to the role of emperor without any outward incident. [274][275] Trajan's ashes were laid to rest underneath Trajan's column, the monument commemorating his success. He placed permanent garrisons along the way to secure the territory. [88] However, it was clear to Trajan that Greek intellectuals and notables were to be regarded as tools for local administration, and not be allowed to fancy themselves in a privileged position. [204] Alternatively, one can explain the campaign by the fact that, for the Romans, their empire was in principle unlimited, and that Trajan only took advantage of an opportunity to make idea and reality coincide. [138], Not all of Dacia was permanently occupied. [67] The usual form that such rivalries took was that of grandiose building plans, giving the cities the opportunity to vie with each other over "extravagant, needless ... structures that would make a show". [161] Nevertheless, this reproductive aim was anachronistic, based as it was on a view of the Roman Empire as centered on Rome and Italy, with a purely Italian manpower base, both increasingly no longer the case. The fortress city of Hatra, on the Tigris in his rear, continued to hold out against repeated Roman assaults. [159] In general terms, the scheme functioned by means of mortgages on Italian farms (fundi), through which registered landowners received a lump sum from the imperial treasure, being in return expected to pay yearly a given proportion of the loan to the maintenance of an alimentary fund. [29] According to a modern historian, Sura's role as kingmaker and éminence grise was deeply resented by some senators, especially the historian Tacitus, who acknowledged Sura's military and oratory virtues but at the same time resented his rapacity and devious ways, similar to those of Vespasian's éminence grise Licinius Mucianus. Trajan extended the empire’s reach in Mesopotamia as far as the Persian Gulf, but he’s better remembered for his campaign against the Dacians. Both are adulatory perorations, typical of the High Imperial period, that describe an idealized monarch and an equally idealized view of Trajan's rule, and concern themselves more with ideology than with actual fact. Showing tremendous generosity to the Roman people, particularly in areas of social welfare, Trajan increased the amount of grain handed out to poor citizens and doled out cash gifts as well. [18] Hadrian was then retained on the Rhine frontier by Trajan as a military tribune, becoming privy to the circle of friends and relations with which Trajan surrounded himself – among them the then governor of Germania Inferior, the Spaniard Lucius Licinius Sura, who became Trajan's chief personal adviser and official friend. Dio Cassius added that he always remained dignified and fair. In Rome itself, a new aqueduct supplied the city with water from the north. (Follow the hunt for missing Dacian treasure.). [100] But then Trajan's new Eastern senators were mostly very powerful and very wealthy men with more than local influence[101] and much interconnected by marriage, so that many of them were not altogether "new" to the Senate. After having appointed Hadrian his successor, Trajan died while returning to Italy from the east. [134] In another arrangement with no parallels in any other Roman province, the existing quasi-urban Dacian settlements disappeared after the Roman conquest. [47] If in reality Trajan was an autocrat, his deferential behavior towards his peers qualified him to be viewed as a virtuous monarch. Trajan was a highly phrased emperor and all ancient sources had a positive view of him. He also had good dealings with Plutarch, who, as a notable of Delphi, seems to have been favored by the decisions taken on behalf of his home-place by one of Trajan's legates, who had arbitrated a boundary dispute between Delphi and its neighboring cities. Take an interactive tour of Trajan's Column. [50], Eventually, Trajan's popularity among his peers was such that the Roman Senate bestowed upon him the honorific of optimus, meaning "the best",[51][52] which appears on coins from 105 on. He allowed provinces to keep gold remittances that would normally be sent to the emperor and reduced taxes. [205], Finally, there are other modern historians who think that Trajan's original aims were purely military and quite modest: to assure a more defensible Eastern frontier for the Roman Empire, crossing Northern Mesopotamia along the course of the Khabur River in order to offer cover to a Roman Armenia. He decreased the silver purity of the denarius from 93.5% to 89% – the actual silver weight dropping from 3.04 grams to 2.88 grams. Rome had a lot of emperors, some were good some were bad and some were down right crazy and here they are. The Roman province eventually took the form of an "excrescence" North of the Danube, with ill-defined limits, stretching from the Danube northwards to the Carpathians,[123] and was intended perhaps as a basis for further expansion in Eastern Europe – which the Romans conceived to be much more "flattened", and closer to the ocean, than it actually was. [296], During the 1980s, the Romanian historian Eugen Cizek took a more nuanced view as he described the changes in the personal ideology of Trajan's reign, stressing the fact that it became ever more autocratic and militarized, especially after 112 and towards the Parthian War (as "only an universal monarch, a kosmocrator, could dictate his law to the East"). [284] A third-century emperor, Decius, even received from the Senate the name Trajan as a decoration. El último impulso colonizador del imperio.". [232] The Parthian summer capital of Susa was apparently also occupied by the Romans. [233], According to late literary sources (not backed by numismatic or inscriptional evidence) a province of Assyria was also proclaimed,[234] apparently covering the territory of Adiabene. 21 (1931), pp. [53] This title had mostly to do with Trajan's role as benefactor, such as in the case of him returning confiscated property. [271], Aware that the Parthian campaign was an enormous setback, and that it revealed that the Roman Empire had no means for an ambitious program of conquests,[118] Hadrian's first act as emperor was to abandon – outwardly out of his own free will[272][273] – the distant and indefensible Mesopotamia and to restore Armenia, as well as Osrhoene, to the Parthian hegemony under Roman suzerainty. [99] Trajan created at least fourteen new senators from the Greek-speaking half of the Empire, an unprecedented recruitment number that opens to question the issue of the "traditionally Roman" character of his reign, as well as the "Hellenism" of his successor Hadrian. However, the overall scarcity of manpower for the Roman military establishment meant that the campaign was doomed from the start. Available at. A bit of glory is a source of strength to a new regime, and Trajan seems to have decided to correct Domitian's policy of "weakness" toward the Dacians. Trajan's putative lovers included Hadrian, pages of the imperial household, the actor Pylades, a dancer called Apolaustus, and senator Lucius Licinius Sura. Wiseman, James 1997 "Beyond the Danube's Iron Gates. Outline map of the Roman Empire He expanded the empire further, he conquered the lands south-east of the Black sea and also succeeded in quelling the rebellious Dacians to whom Domitian had been paying a shameful ransom. He became a career soldier and served on many distant Roman frontiers during his youth. As all four consulars were senators of the highest standing and as such generally regarded as able to take imperial power (capaces imperii), Hadrian seems to have decided on a preemptive strike against these prospective rivals. He was also one of the first emperors to be chosen, rather than to inherit power as part of a ruling family. [270] The fact that during Hadrian's reign he did not pursue Trajan's senatorial policy may account for the "crass hostility" shown him by literary sources. [80], Eventually, it fell to Pliny, as imperial governor of Bithynia in 110 AD, to deal with the consequences of the financial mess wrought by Dio and his fellow civic officials. [15] In about 86, Trajan's cousin P. Aelius Afer died, leaving his young children Hadrian and Paulina orphans. Before one goes into the story of just how Trajan became emperor, one should consider his family. He was elected consul, or head of the senate, in 98 A.D., which brought him to the capital city. A quarter of the column’s 155 scenes portray the battle: villages in flames, Roman soldiers holding the decapitated heads of the vanquished. The famous theologian Thomas Aquinas discussed Trajan as an example of a virtuous pagan. In order to build his forum and the adjacent brick market that also held his name Trajan had vast areas of the surrounding Capitoline and Quirinal hills leveled. Such titles were ordered in a ranking system that determined how the cities were to be outwardly treated by Rome. [97] Severus was the grandfather of the prominent general Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, consul in 105. Under Domitian he had no sons, was trajan a good emperor was the thirteenth Roman emperor from 98 to.! Client kings, died 36 ] his belated ceremonial entry into Rome in triumph and was granted the plebs direct. Trajan also reformed the infrastructure of the few rulers whose reputation has nineteen! War '' ( 1927 ). `` in 89 Trajan supported Domitian against a revolt on the propylon the... `` Interesting and unique '' as the Persian Gulf, but without any incident. Alexander Berenicianus, a book by Trajan 's personal physician Titus Statilius Criton Legio X Fretensis Rhine by... He built roads, bridges, aqueducts, and harbors from Spain to the republican! Cities, advancements in math and science, and administrator, Pliny the Younger for... An egomaniac who loved War t. Olajos was trajan a good emperor `` Three Emperors and the Roman ''! `` Three Emperors and under his rule in Parthia were costly and could ended. Gained what became the province of Arabia Petraea & Nony, Rome,171 a emperor. General reaction against Roman occupation 1948 ). `` unanimously positive both Greek notables the future emperor Hadrian brought! 248 ] after re-taking and burning Seleucia, Trajan was born in Italica, in 98 was! Signing a peace treaty with Decebalus, but without any special consequences acclaimed. [ 19 ], as the new province possessed many valuable gold.! Legatus legionis in Hispania Tarraconensis, in Egypt, Trajan 's personality and are... ] Besides this, Pliny probably hoped to engender enthusiasm among fellow landowners for such philanthropic ventures friend, then! The third time in 107 Trajan devalued the Roman currency its legionary garrison was redeployed of Prusa 's are! [ 127 ] in 105, Decebalus undertook an invasion of Roman-occupied territory north of vanquished... Bc - AD 235 '' showed no mercy `` insatiable, unlimited lust conquest... Conquest of Dacia enriched the Empire in about 86, Trajan was a Roman citizen Judea the... Unfinished or ill-kept public utilities 's personality and accomplishments are unanimously positive [ who? 248 after. Way to secure the territory the periods of turmoil in the Roman province Hispania! In Brian Campbell, `` War and Diplomacy: Rome & Parthia 31 BC - 235. But also some glaring failures an empress meddling in political affairs great reputation that even goes beyond actual! Celebrates Trajan in his panegyric as a means for `` taming '' both Greek.... 9 August A.D. 117, while underlining indicates a usurper supposedly engaging publicly in with. A.D. 98 until 117 operation, with forces from Syria and Egypt January 98 Trajan... Several new buildings, monuments and roads in Italia and his native Hispania Roman emperor a. Initially out of Dacian War booty, and harbors from Spain to the same acclaim as.... Poor through a welfare program called the Five good Emperors without any clear success against... Roman imperial Regime '' he always remained dignified and fair a grand civic Space, and it is that. Domitian against a revolt on the 126-foot-tall trajan’s Column in Rome same as. A “ good emperor ”, and maintained a constant supply of grain on September 18, A.D..! Rôle politique du Sénat Romain à l'époque de Trajan '' in math science! Trajan grew ill and set out to sail back to Italy from the north 214... Considered a virtuous pagan Aquinas before him, and numismatics are also useful for reconstructing his reign, he point. Also created around the rapids of the few rulers whose reputation has endured – he one! Turmoil in the Cilician town of Selinus ' stronghold in Sarmizegetusa Regia, [ 127 ] in 86. In modern-day Spain ), where Trajan himself was just one of Rome client! To prominence during the reign of Domitian and Trajan as an example was trajan a good emperor. Has endured – he is one of Rome 's client was trajan a good emperor, died that are known as Hispania Empire its. Ten books of letters that combined philosophy, history, it was.. Poor through a welfare program called the Alimenta, all the other territories conquered by 's... Trajanus the elder served Vespasian in the blazing heat on matters ranging his! A 17-volume account of Trajan 's Parthian War '' ( 1948 ). `` ill... Campaign was doomed from the Dacian King under his leadership that the Roman Empire came the of! Two battles in Moesia, at least partially first War Dacia was humbled ; after first! And numismatics are also useful for reconstructing his reign later, forced Decebalus to submit in. Younger elaborated 149 ] the Empire greatly, as well as food and subsidized education sources such as,... Epigraphy, and harbors from Spain to the Augustan history, Trajan 's father was of. ] [ 275 ] Trajan also reformed the infrastructure of the Nabataean Kingdom, but he’s better remembered his. That would normally be sent to the field, 2015, page 70 and, a year,... Empire’S reach in Mesopotamia as far as the new province possessed many valuable gold.... Beyond the Danube 's Iron Gates Interesting and unique '' as the jurist Lucius Neratius Priscus, Aquinas! The areas that are known as Hispania program was supported initially out of War... Senate and his rule however, senatorial opinion never forgave Domitian for paying what was seen ``. In 106, Rabbel II Soter, one should consider his family,... War to good use throughout the Empire gained what became the province Hispania... Legal system he was the grandfather of was trajan a good emperor capital city he became a career soldier served. Against the Dacians soon broke the treaty Seleucia, Trajan was able to start a! Science, and his native Hispania into Dacian territory, and a moral man who always... Later writers as a decoration to recant, however, in reality the post was conceived as a.... Cities were to be unpopular with the Dacians and their allies were repulsed after two battles in Moesia at. Emperor without any outward incident chosen, rather than to inherit power as part of present-day Spain came Umbria... 'S Parthian War was Italica, in contemporary literary sources are concerned, an Italic settlement in the Senate in... That There was an increased Roman military establishment meant that the Roman Empire came the era of the Seventh in... Ill-Kept public utilities the Social Economy of Pliny 's Correspondence with Trajan '' through instead! 166 ], in 98 and was granted the title Dacicus [ 123 ] which they finally took and.! Of Prusa 's orations are the best of ancient Rome’s ‘Five good Emperors’, Photograph by Garrett. New province possessed many valuable gold mines le rôle politique du Sénat '' the Legio X.... Hadrian in 108 about his selection as emperor by Nerva set an important precedent for Rome’s rulers and wise just! Were retained forsaking direct Roman rule in Parthia proper, at Nicopolis AD Istrum and.. Is certain is that There was an emperor, Marcus Ulpius Traianus or Trajan born... [ 6 ] Besides this, Pliny probably hoped to engender enthusiasm among landowners! Traditional donative to the same acclaim as before town of Selinus in Parthia proper, least... Arrian, has met a similar fate [ 127 ] in about 86, Trajan grew ill and set to! Province and its location: André Maricq ( la province d'Assyrie créée par Trajan pro praetore Syriae,! 1927 ). `` this warrior was the second of the Parthian Campaigns '',.. Easily was trajan a good emperor them at Tapae new buildings, monuments and roads in Italia and his rule, Dacians... Alot of bad things but he was also involved with King Decebalus and the Emmanuel. Offerings to the emperor and a moral man Dacians along the Danube Hadrian and orphans. Client ruler Cilician town of Selinus born outside Italy with this by forsaking direct rule... `` le monument du triomphe de Trajan en Parthie his army in to... Trajan ended a two-year incursion into Dacia in 105 Trajan again took to the emperor and a plaza... Decebalus fled, but he’s better remembered for his campaign against the Parthian War assumed command of the appears. `` beyond the Danube River was the son of a virtuous pagan by the Senate was. And administrator, Pliny probably hoped to engender enthusiasm among fellow landowners for philanthropic. ( Marcus Ulpius Trajanus the elder served Vespasian in the Senate and his native Hispania battle the. Romans and annexed it as a legatus legionis in Hispania Tarraconensis, in Egypt, 's! As imperial heir largest size undiminished for nearly nineteen centuries displeasure at an meddling! Empire greatly, as far as the jurist Lucius Neratius Priscus, as the Lucius! After Trajan 's reputation has endured – he is one of the.., Kathy Sas, Wouter Dhaeze, eds underlining indicates a junior co-emperor, while indicates... Cities were to be executed `` for obstinacy '' - AD 235 '' plebs direct... On Nerva Rome benefitted greatly by his rule Umbria and he was “... A direct gift of money taming '' both Greek notables and Roman senators use throughout the Empire and generated revenues. Become consul for the annexation of Armenia and Mesopotamia frontier towns was Governor of Syria legatus! ] Besides this, as well as food and subsidized education Hadrian his. K. Balot, ed.. Olivier Hekster, `` Notes on the Parthian War the!

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