cutting back zinnias in the fall

While thoroughly clipping back and cleaning up the garden in the fall may save some time in the spring, there are benefits to leaving certain plants standing from both ecological and aesthetic perspectives. All of the seed we carry at American Meadows is non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow. Thank you for your precious opinion. Since they're fast-growing, they shade out weeds. Is there a sure fire way to tell between Deciduous Herbaceous Salvias and Herbaceous Salvias With Woody Stems? By the way, The National Garden Bureau named Salvia nemerosa plant of the year in 2019. Zinnias are colorful flowers that bloom in the summer months. In the cutting-garden alphabet, the best comes at the end. Be sure to take out any growth which has died over the winter. Early fall or after the first frost is the ideal time to cut back the plants. Should I prune them now or in the spring? I have a Wendy’s Wish – salvia hybrida, is that considered #2 Herbaceous Salvia with Woody Stem? Cutting peonies in the fall helps remove foliar diseases and reduce infection next year. By Amanda Shepard • Cut off old flowers (called deadheading) to help more flowers to … How do I store zinnia seeds for next season? Hydrangeas that bloom on new growth (like the popular “Annabelle” and “Limelight”) should be pruned in the late winter or early spring. Check with your local garden center or extension office to see what is recommended in your area. I will let you know if they flower this year. Nell, Thanks so much for your advice on pruning salvias. You can add accents of color to your herb garden with flowering plants like zinnias and salvia. I’m in the SF area if that makes a difference. If I don’t know what type the salvia is, I research to find out what type it is. They continue to bloom from early summer until the first frosts of fall, and most varieties make lovely cuttings to … I’ve found that a young woody salvia (planted the previous season) can take a harder pruning than an older established salvia. However, if they are getting too leggy and flopping over, I would not hesitate to do so. Nell, Hi Nell, They grew five feet high! Many of them are not cut back leaving a tangle of dead twisted stems and they look like a ratty mess. There is lots of year-round interest in coastal California gardens so that’s why I prefer to do it in mid to late fall. Zinnias are annuals and will die with the first hard frost of fall. They will likely fail in humid, wet conditions but are well-suited to arid locations. This is the best video I have seen regarding pruning of salvias and the most informative as it tells me how to prune the different varieties of salvias and the time of year and how much to cut off. They can be planted in the spring throughout Florida and also in the fall in South Florida. At this time you can also save the seeds from the flowers. It’s important to refrain from pruning prior to die-off, as the plant will continue to photosynthesize while it is still green. Butterflies and bees love them. My zinnias, marigolds, petunias, stock, snapdragons, periwinkles, touch me nots, and even more reseed twice a year. There is not a frost line in the soil here. They're ideal for a cutting garden; zinnia bouquets can last at least a week. Zinnias (Zinnia elegans) are classic old-fashioned garden flowers. Hugs from the Arizona desert, Nell. Quite the honor and rightfully so! Hi Nell just been looking on the net for how to prune salvias and you popped up what a supprise just what I Was looking for even that you are so far from me what a wonder the Webb is my salvias are the woody type thank you so much regards Vernon. I’m tickled pink to have you here! The best zinnias I’ve ever seen were lining a path to a primary school in Sri Lanka. Thin out the seedlings, so you end up with one plant every 12in (30cm) or so. Most of the herbaceous woody salvias do best with a light pruning. This post may contain affiliate links. Sure, alyssum have sweet blooms, lilies are lovely and there are many other flower options along the way, but zinnias … This was great, especially since you’re in the SF area. You can direct sow in the spring, after all danger of frost has passed, and can sow a second batch in mid-summer to have fresh plants blooming into the fall. Cut zinnia stems at an angle just above a bud joint. Thanks for the video! All the best, Andrew. If you’re somewhere where winters are on the colder side, it’s best to cut these back in spring. I’m a first time gardener and I just planted salvia nemrosa (I know I messed up that spelling) they were a pretty light blue/purple and now the colouring has all fallen off. Other varieties offer up important habitat for local wildlife and some perennials provide height and interest through the winter months. One variety, Rudbeckia maxima, also known as great coneflower, can reach up to 8 feet tall. So, it’s best to give them the shearing back they need because this lets in the light and air they require to regrow. *Is July okay for new planntings? I grew up in New England and my dad always pruned our 2 or 3 winter hardy salvias in the fall. Note: This had been previously published & was updated on 8/6/2020. Zinnias can also be started indoors. If you don’t give these salvias some type of pruning, they’ll get extremely woody and won’t repeat bloom like you want them to. It’s an added bonus that their nonthirsty ways are so appropriate for the water-starved Western US. Salvias are loved for their wide range of flower colors and types as well as their long bloom time. I’m in warmer Contra Costa, and have had great success with salvias, since they are deer, gopher and drought resistant, all huge issues in my garden. – Love from NC, Hi Brittany – Thank you! The first task most gardeners consider when preparing the garden for winter is cutting back perennials. It’s time to seed zinnias for the fall. Why do I have reseeding? Hi Katee – That’s deciduous perennial so you want to cut it all the way back sometime in late winter/early spring (depending on where in Sonoma County you are) after evening temps have consistently warmed above freezing. You can either cut a zinnia back to the nearest set of leaves, or you can opt to cut them further down. Once you have decided which variety you want to work with, sow the seeds in spring after the danger of frost has passed. Annual. You will want a sharp pair of scissors or clippers to cut the stems with. These types of salvias are better to prune in spring (in colder climates) because the old-growth will protect the fleshy new growth over the winter. And make us all happy! I planted & maintained many Salvias when I was a professional gardener & wanted to share my experiences. These are the shrubby salvias. Nell. Some of the more popular varieties for cutting are: Cut and Come Again, State Fair, Giant Dahlia Flowered, Giants of California, and Luther Burbank. They are showy, bright, and easy to grow. Zinnias are annuals, so they’ll grow for one season and produce seeds, but the original plant will not come back in subsequent years. In late fall, once all of your perennials have started to turn brown and die back, it’s time to prune some and leave some to cut back in spring. Daylilies are susceptible to crown rot, so sanitation, on the ground and in the fan, is vitally important. Insert the cutting in a moisted rooting medium—such as coarse sand, vermiculite, or sterile potting mix (which typically contains both peat and perlite). I’d give it a good prune (to about 1′ tall or so) in late winter/early spring. The nursery where I worked in Berkeley sold many different species and varieties of them. from the ground after the foliage has yellowed is a common practice. Zinnias are naturally bushy plants, especially when grown in full sun. How to Grow Cafe au Lait Dahlias. Beloved, free-flowering, heirloom cutting zinnias in a wonderful range of candy-bright colors to enjoy both indoors and out all summer. This category includes Salvia greggii (there are so many of these), Salvia chamaedryoides, Salvia coccinea, and Salvia microphylla (there are quite a few microphyllas too including the popular “Hot Lips” pictured above). Salvias need pruning to grow properly & flower. When these types of salvias are through flowering, simply cut those stems all the way down to the ground. Cut & Come Again Mix has long-stemmed flowers 2 1/2" across in a blend of pink, bright scarlet, yellow, salmon, white and more. Anyway both my Sage and Hot Lips have gone woody so will prune as advised when the weather warms up in England UK. In the spring, they planted them in the same spot and watched them thrive. Irises are beautiful flowers that are easy to care for in your garden, but they can be easy to forget about once summer ends. Tips on Pruning a Shasta Daisy While zinnias aren’t particularly picky about their soil, they do prefer it to be fertile, humus-rich, well-drained and with a pH of 5.5 to 7.5. Like all Zinnias, this variety is extremely easy to grow, deer resistant, and attractive to pollinators. I also live in the Bay Area. When cutting back be sure to leave these rosettes of green. Here I’ll be talking about pruning salvias in coastal California. What are your suggestions for some fall flowers? Some salvias I have bought in the UK do not seem to have a fragrance. With these salvias, the old-growth eventually dies out and the fresh new growth emerges from the base of the base. Thank You, Kimmi, Thanks, I really appreciate the information, Hi Kimmi – July is fine for planting as long as you give them enough water to get going. Of course, I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera… As I moved through the zinnias the butterflies were softly fluttering all around. by Trisha Shirey. There are a variety of perennials that should be cut back in the fall. It’s simply a matter of preference. Q: Why should you cut back perennials? Dead head after flowering. I’m glad you found the video to be helpful! Zinnias thrive in a sunny … Make sure to clean your pruners with a mixture of bleach and water after dealing with any diseased plants. Best, Nell. Carry small paper or plastic bags into the garden in the fall, preferably on a dry day with little wind. Zinnias make terrific cut flowers, and cutting the flowers encourages new blooms. Dead leaves on the plant after bloom ceases and litter that accumulates on the ground should be removed. Karen says. Water in the morning and at the bottom to prevent powdery mildew. How to Plant Zinnias. Amendments & Fertilizer: Add compost to the area where zinnias will be planted to enrich the soil. I love the elegans because it have bright red flowers & smells like pineapple. Nell. In such cases, remove the dead stems in early spring to make way for new growth.

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