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‘Preference shares’ is defined in s2(1) to mean a share by whatever name called, which does not entitle the holder to the right to vote on a resolution or to any right to participate beyond a specified amount in any distribution whether by way of dividend, or on redemption, in a winding up, or otherwise. Section 618(1)(b) still recognises the amount unpaid on shares as the difference between the issue price of the share (excluding premium) and the amount paid. ENACTED by the Parliament of Zambia PART I PRELIMINARYPROVISIONS 1. hޜ�ێ�0�_����NbGZ!�J�^tQ���� D J�}�z��-�P �x~;s��cˆ ��*I�pU���NJb��#I�@�R��8S���V��n����_'Cg���jkh� L�W�yF���+�67�% h�s�)v�@�ӹ>}2��`���>�Nǁ�e��-Ω+;���� ��$J�~�cˢ4���/~�Y �f����C����J���M���1���ȳj_��J���@)�/����j� &�'[7��%g���U���'I�`��-��j�u�N��фJ�.z��F�����D��-�k�1`lG� ��[�-���E�׻���MQeU[�ˢi����~�c;qZO����������Ů��7��?̀� ���|W�⑭H�! This document has been updated from time to time (presently, it has been updated up until 3 April 2017) and helps to answer the most frequently asked questions. Companies Act 2016 : Practice Note No. Section 466 CA 2016 provides that a company is deemed to be unable to pay its debts if it fails to pay a debt exceeding the amount prescribed by the Minister, within 21 days after it is served with a notice of demand at its registered office. 81:01 3 LAWS OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO L.R.O. This provision allows the incorporation of a company with only one member. Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006, unless they opt for voluntary adoption. PDF 4. Section 321(1) CA 2016 provides that notice of a company meeting must be given to ‘every member, director and auditor of the company’. Thus, the company or any of its members or creditors may apply to the court for an order to restrain further proceedings against the company except with the court’s leave. 79 of 1965) Date of coming into operation: Throughout Malaysia—15 April 1966, P.U. Currently the amount prescribed by the Minister is RM10,000. Third, only a public company is mandated to hold its annual general meeting (s390). [1 October 1990, P.U. COMPANIES ACT 2016. If the company’s constitution has provided the procedure for the variation of class rights, then the procedure is to be followed (section 91(1)(a)). With effect from 31 January 2017, all companies with share capital migrated to no par value regime. [\ lM8�[p%�F��Mp'�J]�u�[�C��=�Ż��. The accounts must be circulated to the members within six months from the end of its financial year (section 258). Regulatory agencies The Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016) repealed the Companies Act 1965 (CA 1965) and changed the landscape of company law in Malaysia. A company can also be classified as either a private or a public company. PRELIMINARY. 17 The Steering Committee is of the view that the status quo for the relevant majority vote requirements should be maintained. The CA 2016 has reformed the procedure of a written resolution. The CA 2016 does not prescribe the consequences of a transaction outside the company’s objects clause. 1. Third, the period for agreeing to the written resolution is now capped at 28 days from the circulation date unless the constitution provides otherwise (s307). Private company and public company operative Companies Act, 1913. Section 30(1) CA 2016 requires the display of both registered name and company registration number at its registered office and every place where its business is carried on, and also every place where its books are kept. Section 97 CA 2016 provides that it is no longer necessary for a company to issue a share certificate to a shareholder unless the company’s constitution requires it or the shareholder applies to the company for one to be issued to them. Act A1367:s.2] First, the directors may allot shares or grant rights under an offer to existing members in proportion to the members’ shareholding.

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