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Of momentous occasion was the sandhek weighing 34kg which was the cynosure to felicitate the Kolkata Knight Riders in presence of the Governor and the Chief Minister. The Feast Is On! It looks like pulao (a savoury dish) but tastes sweet. It tastes divine and is prepared on most auspicious days. Ganguram's - Over a century old a tiny sweet shop. Sen Mahashay's famous sweet is Ratabi Sandesh which was named by the great poet Sri Rabindranath Tagore. This famous Bengali sweet is prepared during festivals and special occasions. This place is a must visit for all sweet lovers. Many variants of this are available now but traditionally it was made of white rice and gulab jamun. A soft, melt in your mouth kind of dessert, it is made of pure milk and can be cooked with numerous variations. The recipe takes a while to create, but the end results are totally worth it. It has opened and closed for few times but the quality has never been compromised . A relatively dry Bengali Mithai, Shondesh can come in many variants. If the popularity of Bengali sweets—known as mishti—such as rasgulla, sandesh, and mishti doi is anything to go by, the Bengalis from Eastern India know a great deal about sweet making. A dry sweet made into small spheres, Naru can be made from a variety of ingredients including coconut, til and so on. The famous sweets are the jalebis for which people come from all over the city. One thought on “ Taste Traditional Bengali Sweets when in Kolkata ” shreya 2014-11-26 at 7:20 am. Kacha Golla is one of the healthiest desserts and is often preferred during religious ceremonies and festivals. Kolkata is Famous For its sweets Rasgulla and Sandesh. Anwesha Mitra, Share this post on social media This shop has been there for generations and no shop has been able to beat its famous nolen gur sandesh, chocolate sandesh, kalakand, mishti doi and rasmalai. Both are made from rice but where rasgulla is spongy and remains dipped in sugary syrup, Sandesh is a solid rectangular sweet that dissolves in your mouth when you eat it. Indian Railways Now Introduces On-Board Shopping! You cannot escape sweets when you are in Bengal and no one from Kolkata will ever say no to any sweet ever! Darjeeling They still have the old world charm and follow the authentic recipes of the sweets without adding any fusion to them. It has many branches not only across the state but across the country. Another variant of curd is Bhapa Doi which is usually garnished with nuts and make for a delicious finish to any meal. It was started approximately 120 years back. It is best eaten warm and fresh. We value your privacy. Sweet ShopGirish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy Hatibagan. Kolkata Biryani. The most famous sweet here is Kolkata’s specialty rossogulla. Made with Condensed milk Sugar and/or Jaggery this dessert can be moulded into different shapes and designs. Navratri Special Delicacies to Enjoy This Year, Hail The Arrival Of The Queen Of Fish With JW Marriott Kolkata, Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy, 10 Online Shopping Hacks That Will Help You Save a Bundle. It’s captivating aroma and the finely flavoured rice with potato cooked in rich spices is served hot with juicy mutton or chicken, which makes it a must-have when you’re in the city. We recommend the seasonally available Joynagar-er Moa which is perhaps one of the tastiest Bengali sweets you will ever try. This elongated deep-fried sweet made with chhana, khoya and flour, with bits of cardamom in it, and like most fried sweets, soaked in sugar syrup, the Langcha is now made all over Calcutta. a platter of sweets served spreads immense happiness and love. It differs in taste and texture from the traditional laddoo and is often eaten during festivals. The laddoos are epic and a must try. The Bengali sweet is also popular in several parts of north India and in Odisha. 24 Street Foods of India: Yummy in My Tummy! Calcutta patrons rave about for its excellent flavor. Made with a blend of thick milk and jaggery this is something you simply have to try. Proudly serving traditional and authentic sweets since 1885. One of the most popular and well-known desserts in Bengal is the creamy and delicious Mishti Doi. It is hot and oft in the inside and crunchy on the outside. Moa can be made with 'muri' or 'Khoi'. There are more bridges. It is made with small sugary balls of chhena soaked in malai and with a dash of cardamom. In Bengal, boondi laddoos are called Darbesh. The end product is akin to having tiny rasgullas soaked in a creamy, milky base. Another Bengali Mithai served on a bed of sugar syrup, Pantua is made from a yummy combination of milk, semolina, ghee, khoya and sugar. There are lots of famous sweets from this shop – however don’t miss out on kalo jaam, Sada Talshansh and toast sweet . The sweets in this heritage sweet shop have extremely unique names like "Monmatano", "Monohora", "Aporupa". Send Father's Day gifts to Kolkata,Send gifts to Kolkata in any Occasion, Mother's day gifts, send sweets, send cakes, Send Flower, Send Fish to Kolkata, Gifts send to Kolkata, We also deliver Birthday Gifts,Birthday Cakes, Anniversary gifts, Mother'day, father's day gifts, Valentine's day gifts, christmas Gifts, Durga Puja's Gifts, New year Gifts etc Das rossogolla originates from here and is loved the world over. The nolen gur sweets from here are drool worthy and you just cannot get enough of them. The end product looks like grains of basmati rice. Similar to gulab jamuns, these pack a delicious punch and you should definitely not miss out on this one. If you visit our store any time, then don't forget to taste our special Bhapa Pithe, Mango Gelato Sandesh, Coconut Dry Laddu etc. Shaped like a pale crescent moon, this dessert is made from cottage cheese, mawa, coconut and jaggery. At times, as a garnish, the sweetmeat is coated in mawa or coconut flakes. 15 Classical Dance Forms of India And Their States of Origin, Durga Puja 2020 - An Intricate Guide to the Biggest Celebration of Bengal. No list of Bengali sweets would be complete without the inclusion of Payesh. Kolkata and sweets have an age old relationship. One thought on “ Taste Traditional Bengali Sweets when in Kolkata ” shreya 2014-11-26 at 7:20 am. Dessert in Kolkata, Kolkata District: Find Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Kolkata Dessert and search by price, location, and more. It is also famous for mishit doi or sweet curd and now many flavours are available in sweet curd. online at Dilocious. Because of the combination of ingredients, this can be the perfect dessert to indulge your sweet tooth. Retail Alert! 56, Ramdulal Sarkar Street, Hedua Park, Hatibagan, Kolkata. This mixture is then poured through a sieve-like ladle and deep-fried. Mohan Bhog. Adhar Chandra Das & Sons®, an authentic and eminent Sweet shop in the heart of the city Krishnanagar founded in 1902. These legendary and heritage sweets shops in Kolkata are absolutely a must-visit in your lifetime.

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