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Â. KZG has partnered with renowned designers Clay Long (currently with TaylorMade) and Kim Braly (the KB in KBS Shafts). Sinking ship. thought id give my two cents on this since i played them for half a golf season. TW and KZG certainly have similar platforms and make similar claims (TW states they are the leader in custom clubfitting). To me, this helps explain why such a small percentage of their revenue is generated from the United States, where qualified fitters are apt to carry several product lines and the consumers lean heavily towards the brands he sees on TV. Cobra bio cell 3/4Ping G 19 degree hybrid Click to play video . KZG has partnered with renowned designers Clay Long (currently with TaylorMade) and Kim Braly (the KB in KBS Shafts). They made some decent stuff but now that all the big companies are fitting as well it is tough for them. It’s a fact not lost on King, who notes “we had a very slight drop [in sales] in 2015 and 2016.” She attributes moving the headquarters from Universal City to Palm Desert as the primary contributing factor and goes on to say “w, e are opening up many more new dealers than ever before around the globe, and believe 2017 will be a big bump as a result.”, To better understand what KZG is all about, be sure to check out. KZG golf continues to turn heads. I emailed them and asked for prices and explained to them that I wasn't buying a whole set that I just wanted to experiment. Actually ordered then for a golf partner from Wishon and he had them assembled by a local club maker to include wishon shafts and gris. Same with Nakashima drivers. Steel Shafted 139 129 119. I looked at a set a while back. I'm talking less than $10 per club head. 3:51 . Ezvid Wiki. $115.44 shipping. (In hand Pics Pg. A major OEM may let you select the items you list, but they’ll still be assembled by someone and done so within a particular tolerance. KZG - Price List - Pricing Colors= Retail Phil's w/Lessons Cast Irons. You can find used KZG irons for pennies on the dollar, used name brand ones for a few hundred or new name brands with substantial resale value for the same 700 bucks. The clubmaker indicated that the clubs could be built to any specs., shaft choices, mixed aand matched models. Stu – Based on my time there, it seems like part of the recent efforts have been to shore up some of those relationships and see how they can better serve their dealers, as ultimately those are the people who will/won’t grow the business. 2020 RSM Classic - Callaway/Odyssey White OG putters. I looked at a set a while back. A brand such as this only designs their products with top of the line materials. We then frequency match that shaft model for consistency throughout your set. Never Standard Off the Rack” mirrors your headings in your article “100% Custom, No Exceptions”, “The KZG way” Actually, one could argue that they rival Titleist, Taylor Made, Mizuno and Ping. Don’t believe them when they tell you that. In a world when nearly every piece of information is at our finger tips, the omission of a starting at price seems a bit foolhardy. Callaway MD3 54/58 wedgesCleveland HB soft 11 putter 35. Armed with this knowledge choose the best golf irons from the list below. Back to Home Back to Equipment Reviews Back to Golf Clubs Back to Irons Back to KZG Kzg Irons Reviews. Same with Nakashima drivers. The original KZG Gemini driver first appeared on the market - sold by authorized KZG dealers and clubfitters - in 2004. They work off the same premise but they carry multiple product lines. What shocked me was the forgiveness on slight mishits. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. FAQ's. Curated photos, videos and reviews to help you choose the best golf equipment. Norbert Sturder R & L Golf Switzerland World’s Top 100 Clubfitter. Fantastic soft Japanese forgings... perfect if you want a players look/feel in a slightly larger head size. KZG’s answer is that it’s a player-centric company that disavows a profit-at-all-cost model in favor of one committed to giving golfers a tour-van quality build and a comprehensive no stone unturned fitting process for about the same price you’d pay for an off the rack set from a major OEM. Purchased a 2nd set. The equipment is plenty good and everyone once in awhile, there’s a homerun (ZO Blades, H370 Tour hybrid), but dollar for dollar, small companies just can’t compete with the R&D capabilities of the big boys (more on that HERE). Hope they bring them to the states because I would pick one up I a heartbeat. And this is where most people go haywire. Good info, thanks for the clarification Brad. Generally speaking, KZG is slow to put out new product. If you are spending 1000-2000 dollars on the whole custom fitted, custom built process the premium pricing of KZG clubheads is only a slight extra expense. My name is Jennifer King and I’m the owner of the KZG Performance Center in the heart of Palm Desert. And depending on which club we’re talking about, I don’t disagree. It’s not tough at all actually as the big companies do not have the tolerances in their builds that KZG does. When he's not coaching the local high school team, he's probably on the range or trying to keep up with his wife and seven beautiful daughters. Over yhe years I have had more than 15 players purchase sets of their own. KZG offers the best golf clubs to improve your game. KZG Forged Blade Irons. It is, in fact, the guiding principle of how KZG operates. First, KZG is a small company that does only 18% of its business in the United States. By KZG doesn’t publish its prices. Get the best deals on KZG Iron Set Golf Clubs when you shop the largest online selection at The place I go to has Miura, Epon, PXG, Hogan and other high end products and speaks very well of KZG stuff they are side by side with the other brands and stack up very well. if you toe it, heel it, catch it thin or fat, the club doesnt really let you feel that up the shaft. In 1977, Bert Lance opined “That’s the trouble with government. KZG just may be the BEST OEM that you have never heard of. KZG Forged II IronsThe KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness. Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase....... Ping G425 closer than we think? My eyes were immediately drawn to two of the forged models, the dead sexy ZO Blades and Tour Evolution series. I have a ZO 4 iron that is a rocket and I built and gave a ZO 2 iron to a young friend of mine and he hits the crap out of it. KZG Irons are the best. The key to improvement in golf is confidence which will come from results. GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, November 18, pga43 posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, November 17, TRC723 posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, October 6, Rpete33 posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, October 30, easyyy posted a topic in Equipment, October 30. The deal with KZG is that you can find yourself a set for pretty cheap if you look around hard enough. has to look down at them a say” They were good once but now they are made in China out of crappy metal”. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. the distance was great but absolutely no feel. When you do things right for golfers as we do, you make a decent profit.”. However, if you stop to peruse the website for a minute, you’ll notice an extensive assortment of product product that includes 4 hybrids, 5 wedges, 6 fairway woods, 8 drivers and 15 different sets of irons). TG Rating Owners' Rating; TG Rating 0 out of 5: 5 out of 5: The KZG Forged Evolution Tour Irons are the ideal blend of both workability and forgiveness. Love the minimal offset and exceptional feel. A personal note: Jennifer, if you’re reading these messages, your “baby in a box” just dashed off to college yesterday! Surprised you didn’t mention Wishon in your list of high-end component fitters. This doesn’t mean KZG clubs don’t perform, but it does mean it can’t always leverage new technologies as quickly as the larger OEMs. Cobra LTD Pro Matrix Ozik 75M4 Black Tie Xflex I know the Evolution and Zo Blades are, not certain about the rest. King calls KZG a “labor of love” and in talking with her, you immediately realize she’s truly passionate about helping golfers get equipment that will help them play better. Seamlessly blended in size and cavity design through the set for ultimate control, playability and performance, they ooze quality. i switched back from the kzgs to the mizunos, because i couldnt get any feel for the kzg irons. Absolutely, and their Gemini drivers just may be the best big stick you can buy. Byron Morgan DH89, I have checked them out many times on their website and they do have some great looking irons. They do make a great product and those Zo irons are among the best ever produced, I have several KZG heads that came from a friend of mine who was a dealer that retired. They were USED, but in EXCELLENT shape. I picked them up, and they were one of the best looking clubs I've ever seen. They just simply can’t b/c it’s cost aversive and big OEM’s are not custom club fitters/builders for the general public –, I still have my set of KZG irons that I used way back in 2008 with some success. The Forged Blades feature just a hint of offset for a slightly higher launch. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Paste as plain text instead, × My customers all say the Forged XXV Irons are beautiful clubs. This next set of irons is specifically made for professionals and ensures maximum quality when it comes to their design. It’s more expensive, but it simplifies the custom building process. Mizuno T7 50,54,58 KBS CTaper Xflex Few brands are as precise at building as KZG but the woman who runs that company is insufferable. KZG Forged Irons. KZG’s clubs are only available for purchase through the company’s dealer network. Every customer must be fit by a KZG authorized fitter and clubs are built to exceptionally tight tolerances. I would compare these woods with any of the major manfactures equipment. Now Golfsmith is ready to file bankruptcy and Wishon is going strong. The original ZO model was played by many touring professionals as well as avid players around the globe and has been in the line for many years. Their interests lie primarily in turning a quick profit with sales generated by the hope driven by the latest ad campaign. Anyone have anymore info? How much of a difference new technology actually makes is open for debate, but the majority consumer can be apprehensive about parting with his money if he does’t feel like the club he’s getting doesn’t offer every imaginable shiny, moving thing. If you like them, great, but you'll get HAMMERED HARD if you want to sell them. There are myriad high-end fitters/builders – TrueSpec, New York Golf Center and Cool Clubs to name a few. The EC-II Irons are designed for the low-to-mid handicap player and are a spinoff of KZG's popular Forged Evolution Irons. He sometimes get’s a little Albert Einstein golffy– but that’s good. Nalajr. Instead of focusing on bells and whistles, KZG believes that the keys to success on the course lie with a proper fitting and a precise build. They were priced at $700. Follow us! Make offer - Set of 8 x KZG Forged Evolution Irons 3-PW Stiff Steel Shafts Golf Pride Grips. 16). As a result, the company is reliant upon a word of mouth approach – and that limits how fast KZG can grow. Problem was in th UK they are priced ABOVE mainstream brands and as said would be worth buttons second hand so gave them a miss. Refine your search. Maybe their customer service to their dealers has improved but around here several dealers in the past have dropped the line due to poor customer service. KZG offers nine different forged irons and six performance cast irons. ⛳️. And yes you need to go to Durango, CO and meet him. It’s an approach that, while perhaps not the best way to shoot lower scores, is certainly the reality. KZG’s clubs have been played on every major pro tour in the world, but with pay to play ruling the tour, you’re never going to hear about it. One of its most trusted iron models (. These clubs are money. Most of the companies will customize grip, shaft, lie angle, swingweight, and lofts. Do the majority of your shots come from 3 clubs? Not long after that, as was mentioned earlier, I ran across a few sets of heads on EBay and some other forums with Classified sections and the prices were a fraction of what the new ones were. I can't remember. I have been a Mizuno man for years and didn't think any other club on the market was comparable. Fixing things that aren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken.” And here we are some thirty-nine years later, facing a similar quandary while staring at a store full of the latest golf equipment, most of which comes from companies who operate in roughly the same manner. KZG products are only available through qualified professional teachers and fitters. And they are nicely made indeed. Plus, the shop would maintain the lofts and lies free of charge for the life of the irons. I either went to their fitter and paid the asking price, or go somewhere else. I still have my original maraging steel fairway woods, forged wedges and ZO irons. Nalajr. The optimal club for any golfer is the one which fits them the best, and is built to the tightest tolerances. When he left Golfsmith as head designer he had to sign a 2 year no compete clause. Chris is based out of Fort Collins, CO and his neighbors believe long brown boxes are simply part of his porch decor. Problem was in th UK they are priced ABOVE mainstream brands and as said would be worth buttons second hand so gave them a miss. My KZG clubs are the best thing I have ever played. I helped them introduce their original products to custom club makers. KZG Tour Evolution Better Player Irons Review. All of their heads hit good that I have set up. [/quote] Because of its stated dedication to growing the game and actually helping golfers improve, you’d like to think PGA Professionals would be a natural partner for KZG. TaylorMade TP R15 20* Fuji Speeder 869 TS Xflex Is there something different about KZG? I would estimate that the guy that sold those irons paid 3 to 4 times what he sold those for. Hopefully their customer service to their dealers has improved because they make one great iron. I think fitting is especially important for component brands like Yuyuri, Miura, Epon, etc. Read great reviews but they were 50% more than TM or Cally so another no go. In fact, several major champions have bagged KZG clubs (irons mostly) by choice at one time or another.   Your link has been automatically embedded. KZG have really impressed us this year and these new forged irons in either satin or chrome finish are a class act. You can post now and register later. Known for its award winning forged irons, KZG now adds the ZO Plus Blades to its line. Why are they not more popular? Mizuno JPX-900 Tour 4-PW KBS CTaper Xflex John Gose, Professional ClubFitter, World's Top … Set of 8 x KZG Forged Evolution Irons 3-PW Stiff Steel Shafts Golf Pride Grips. They could be selling BOXCAR loads of clubheads and all driving new BMW's to the office each day for all I know. The equipment is plenty good and everyone once in awhile, there’s a homerun (ZO Blades, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Wilson Golf- Golf Staff C300 Fairway Wood, (your email address will not be published), Testers Wanted – Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball, 3 Testers Wanted – Nippon Zelos Iron Shafts, WE TRIED IT – Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip, First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, WE TRIED IT – Boot Buddy Ultimate Boot Cleaning Tool, 2020 Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron, Srixon ZX Irons: Mainframe Goes Mainstream,, Perhaps the chief benefit of being niche is the ability to control a process and thus the final product. : KZG M-Series IronsGreat mix of great irons.It could be the right choice for many golfers. If you are just buying off the rack irons, paying that much for new KZG irons is extravagent. That being said, I would go broke before even buying half a set from any of the aforementioned brand lol. The greater challenge may lie in finding qualified fitters willing to offer KZG products along side those of Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist and other giants of the equipment world. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I'm betting he's got at least $1,000 in that set of irons, probably more. Contact. I would choose them everytime over everything. Frequency matching is an antiquated method of shaft fitting. I enjoyed your article on KZG. One of the most unknown blades is the KZG forged blades irons. You'd probably even have a tough time getting your money back if you bought the heads and never unboxed them. Learn how your comment data is processed. They have better chance to fit the golfer right than standard off the rack equipment. They don't seem to be bothered too much to lose sales from people that actually WANT their stuff. All I can say is wow. That link to the Ebay sale on the KZG blades is interesting. × Plenty of Options. Traditionalists will enjoy the thin top line and classically shaped head. Jennifer King is a twit. In the ultimate test, I built my wife her still to be unbeaten Gemini driver/AJ Tech shaft.   You cannot paste images directly. If KZG is going to call itself the #1 Custom ProLine Equipment Company™, we need to check out how it actually stacks up. Designed to provide max distance through a combo of speed, spin, ball flight, and lightweight materials, the clubs come with a tungsten core suspended in a polyurethane cartridge wrapped in urethane microspheres for controlled launch and long, consistent distance. KZG may not become the bar by which all companies are measured  and likely won’t become a household name in the North America either, but as King reminded me, “when you do things right for golfers as we do, you make a decent profit.”. Been using TWG products since he opened. Just curious if you had any thoughts. It’s one thing to be fit for your clubs but another one completely to have your clubs built to those exact specs.

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