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This is the difference between Hollywood and Waterfall styles; Hollywood installation wraps the step lip as opposed to Waterfall installation where the carpet is installed just smoothly down the step. Using a knee kicker, stretch the carpet tight to the back of the tread, and hold in place until staples can be applied to the back of the tread behind the tack strip. In this method of installing carpet—which is considered simpler but doesn't necessarily look quite as polished, the carpet is attached to the edge of the tread and then drops down to meet the back of the next stair tread without adhering it to the riser. First, install the tread as described above. Waterfall installation is the more popular of the two methods due to ease and speed. Most homeowners aren’t aware that there are two styles of installation for stair runners: “Waterfall,” in which the runner flows over the stairs and is tacked down at the base of each step; and “Hollywood,” where the runner is tacked down around the tread and fits close to the risers. The instructions will be much easier to follow if you speak the same language. The waterfall method involves bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and essentially bringing it straight down to meet the next tread, without fastening it to the riser, thus creating a … It’s the best of both worlds! Once you are satisfied with the runner’s position, use a carpet awl to push it tightly into the seam between the tread and the riser, and into your tack strips. Waterfall Carpet Stairs. To contour the 90-degree angle where the side of the stair meets the front of the stair, make a slit in the carpet diagonally from the corner to the outside of the carpet. 00. When you finally reach the top riser, fold the carpet’s upper edge back on itself and staple it just underneath the overhanging lip of the flooring. Whether you plan to pick up a runner that is ready to go, or craft something totally custom, you’ll first need to collect all your necessary measurements. Typically, carpet technicians install the riser of the bullnose separately from the tread to make it easier to wrap the carpet around the curve. Staple the carpet to the bottom riser, working the nose of the stapler in between the fibers, so that fiber doesn’t get caught under the staple and create a dimple in the carpet. Trim the pad where the nosing and the top of the riser meet and, if using the waterfall method, clip the corners so you won’t see the pad. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Once you have selected your carpet and measured and prepped your stairs, you are ready to begin installing your new carpet. See more ideas about carpet stairs, stairs, stair runner carpet. For the tread, start as mentioned above by fastening the carpet to the floor under the nosing, and bring the carpet straight over the lip and across the tread. one side of the stairs is against drywall but the other side has spindles and is open. Waterfall Technique Waterfall is considered to be the faster method of installing carpet on stairs and uses only one strip of carpeting. Stair Design Ideas: Metal Balusters, Railings, and Posts. By Solitude Homes. Before getting started, be sure to learn the terms for the different parts of your staircase. To figure out how much carpet you need, calculate the width by measuring across the tread. Remember: If the runner begins to buckle, pull it up from the tack strip and begin again. You can find this material in many shapes and sizes, but remember that high-quality stair padding is thicker than wall-to-wall padding. When the carpet is securely fastened, trim any excess. Kick back and relax now that the work is done. The actual stair design could make or break the home’s look. Recenter the runner, then push the carpet back over the nosing and toward the next tack strip. Before getting started, be sure to learn the terms for the different parts of your staircase. Step 2: Apply Tackless Strips. For the tailored Hollywood look, also secure the runner to the underside of the nosing, spacing each staple three inches apart. Affix the Tackless Strips to Carpet Stairs. Center the runner so that there are equal amounts of wood on each side, then press it into the very first tack strip (at the bottom of the riser), using a carpet awl to get a clean look between the bottom of the stair riser and the flooring. There are two ways to install stairway carpet on staircase: waterfall and tucked (which is also known as Hollywood style). You'll need to determine if you have cap stairs, pie stairs, bullnoses, or Hollywood stairs. Using the kicker, stretch also over the side tack strips (if against a wall) by positioning the kicker to face the side wall and stretching in that direction. Carpeted stairs protect the hardwood from the wear and tear of shoes and traffic. The instructions will be much easier to follow if you sp… To do the waterfall method, follow the same steps but skip the step that requires attaching the carpet underneath the tread. If you have larger wooden posts, you may have to trim some excess carpet around the base of each post. Probably the most important aspects to a home’s style is the stair design and style. If you do get a fiber caught, gently pull it out using a flat-head screwdriver. Then, secure the runner to the riser just beneath the next tread with staples, spaced roughly three inches apart. Total the length of your flight of stairs by measuring the tread and riser. “The decision usually depends on how your stairs are constructed,” says Kirk. If you want the Hollywood style of carpeting, you’ll need a little extra length in order to have enough give to fasten the runner completely; add one inch for each nosing and at least 18 extra inches for spare. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. These pads should not cover any of the tack strips, however. A stair that has a curved outside edge is referred to as a bullnose. Is this a good reason to schedule a house re-warming? This hemming process requires a special sewing machine used by carpet professionals, so you’ll need to hire a pro and provide full measurements (see Step 3) for a custom cut. The French cap method wraps the carpet around the edge of the tread, contouring the nosing to meet the riser, then coming straight down the riser. This is in contrast to the more modern "waterfall" technique of simply cutting a length of carpet that will cover all the stairs and rolling it out down the staircase, tacking it in place as you go. If your stairs are open on one or both ends make sure to measure under the nosing to where it meets the riser and add it to the total width. Waterfall Carpet Stairs. Waterfall vs hollywood stair hollywood and waterfall styles hollywood carpet stairs staricasre hollywood carpet stairs staricasre. Other options New from CDN$ 134.89. Prepare your stairs for carpet installation by installing tack strips, thin pieces of wood resembling yardsticks with tacks pointing upward. Modern Farmhouse | 2019 Dry Creek Parade. If you know what a stair runner … Then, pull the padding tight around the stair nosing and staple it underneath (onto the riser), again spaced every three inches. Waterfall means bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread so that it goes straight down the riser to meet the next tread. You simply cut carpet as long as your stairs and then start laying it out from the base of the stairs until you reach the top… Start with the ideal width of your runner. Nail one on each riser, centered, ¼ inch from the bottom, and one on each tread, ¼ inch from the rear, also centered. Without fastening … Save Photo. Next, make a slit directly in line with each post to the edge of the carpet away from the stair. Find trusted local pros for any home project. It’s faster because you only need a single strip of carpeting. Start at the middle, and work your way to each edge to minimize any bubbles in the middle. Carpet runner can, however, be cut and hemmed from any wall-to-wall carpet roll; just know that each side must be stitched with a border to prevent fraying before you start. There are two ways of installing carpet on stairs: the Hollywood method and the waterfall method. Pre-hemmed runners are usually sold in one of a few widths, most commonly 27 and 32 inches, so choose the one that fits your tread size with as much (or as little) wood showing as desired. What's the Difference Between Waterfall and Hollywood Stair Runners? 3.9 out of 5 stars 527. This narrow rug runs down the center of the staircase, leaving some wood exposed on each side of the tread while still providing all the benefits of carpet, such as additional grip, shock absorption, and noise reduction. It is found most commonly at the very bottom of the staircase as the first stair. There are two basic methods of installing carpet on stairs: the waterfall method, and the Hollywood method. You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. Jill Lawrence O'Hara, Bob Vila, 10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Attic, 5 Ways to Prevent Cracks in Concrete—and 1 Easy Fix, Make Your Home Less Chaotic With These 12 Simple Changes, 10 Things to Bring With You to an Open House, 7 Features That Define the New American Home, 10 Vintage Decorating Ideas We Were Wrong to Abandon. Northshore Lakehouse. bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser to meet the next tread Of all of the options available to you, a machine-hemmed, prefabricated stair runner is the most convenient choice for easy installation. The carpet can be wrapped around the curved lip of the stair by making a slit as was done for the cap stair, and flexing the carpet around the bend. If the French cap method of installing carpet seems a little overwhelming or the carpet is too thick, use the waterfall method. Carpet protects hardwood stairs. To provide each of your wooden steps with a little more cushion, lay down a base of carpet padding. If you have pie-shaped, or curved, stairs, install the carpet on the riser in the same way as mentioned above. Measure the width of the treads and the risers. Carpet layers have put carpet on our stairs using the waterfall method. While the basic process will remain the same, the type of staircase you're working with will determine how you finish the installation. There are several methods of carpeting stairs. After cutting a strip of the carpet the width of the stairs, you start at the bottom and work upward. Cut one tacking strip to the appropriate size for each … Start at the bottom of the staircase and work your way up, unless the more difficult steps are at the bottom. The waterfall method and the runner are two methods that use a continuous piece of carpet for all the steps. By Jill Lawrence O'Hara and Bob Vila. Maybe the problem is the carpet? Carefully place tackless strips on the riser and back of each tread as … Showcase the beauty of wood stairs without sacrificing the comfort of carpet with this clever compromise: a carpet runner. Depending on the depth of the stair, you may need to make two or three slits to achieve the proper coverage. Secure one end of the pad just in front of the tack strip on the tread, using a hammer tacker and stapling every three inches across. The only main difference is that there will be a lot more excess to trim. Save Photo. Anti Slip Stair Treads Clear, Stair Treads Non Slip Indoor, 6 x 24 Inch, 15 Pack, BOMEI PACK. Prepare your stairs for carpet installation by installing tack strips, thin pieces of … These are fairly simple to install; the same general process applies except the carpet is wrapped completely around the tread and stapled underneath. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Wrap the carpet around each post. Stairs that have no risers are called Hollywood stairs. Plus, it’s possible to complete this installation project in only a few hours. When you're ready to install carpet on stairs, you have a choice between two installation styles: waterfall and hollywood. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for each stair until you reach a landing or the top riser. In many homes, the stairs are made of wood. To begin, use a utility knife to cut the padding into rectangles that are the same width as the length of each tack strip (to ensure that the padding won’t stick out under the carpet), and three inches longer than the depth of the tread.

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