Safety tips for using Sex Toys & Best Homemade Dildos to Use

For several decades, both men and women have confessed to making all kinds of sensual items such as temporary Dildos and vibrators for women using improvised things like Flashlights and cowbells that are available at home. At times, buying sex toys in India can be costly, difficult to hide at home and the product may not be suitable for your taste. There are millions of reasons why you would like to make your own tailored dildo at home – after all, who wouldn’t like to experience erotic pleasure with their customization.

Today, in this blog we will discuss some safety tips that one must follow before using sex toys. Let’s go ahead and dive in more deeply into this topic.

While you are thinking about inserting household objects inside you, there are a lot of things that can go on the wrong track. All the temporary dildos and toys are different in many ways, thus we are going to discuss some safety tips that apply to most of the sex toys:

Use Condoms: – Every time you use a sex toy, you always need to use a condom with the toy. There are very few items that you can put into your body safely such as Indian sex toys, medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, Borosilicate glass, ABS plastic. If you thinking about using the items for sexual play made from these materials, they need to be properly sanitized before getting inside your body. Make sure you put a condom over your toy to ensure you don’t catch any nasty infection or injury. It also acts as a barrier between your Dildo and you. There are varieties of condoms available to choose from such as ribbed condoms for increased pleasure and pre-lubricated. Dildo for women is the first women sex toys choice.

They should not break inside – Make sure not to use items that can easily break or shatter. There are Glass sex toys available online that are made of tempered shatterproof glass; an old glass bottle does not offer this kind of stability and could easily break inside you. Similarly, products made from wood or fruits or vegetables could snap-in if you use them too hard. Be careful and don’t get yourself injured with your sex toy made from household items.

Ensure they don’t get lost inside your body – I have heard many real-time erotic stories in which women would turn the vibration on the phone, cover it in the condom and they would use it as an anal sex toy. One day I was watching a movie in which the phone slips into the rectum and the phone gets trapped inside. I thought she would be hospitalized with a phone stuck up her ass. But, fortunately, she somehow manages to grab one end of the condom and pulled the dildo out of her anus. Be careful and never make this kind of mistake.

Best Home-made Dildos

1) Cucumber – It is completely safe to insert the ripe cucumber inside your pussy as long as it is in condom and it has a smooth surface. In case, you want to enjoy anal sex, make sure the cucumber is long enough that it won’t slip in your ass. Always, leave plenty of extra outside your body while using it.

2) Banana – A Banana can be used by both men and women for using it as a sex toy. Women can use a ripe Banana as a perfect Dildo while men can use the peel of the Banana for creating an artificial vagina (a popular sex toys for men). Try to use condoms, don’t use the end that was stuck to the branch and utilize plenty of lubes while using them. It is a best dildo for women like banana and cucumber.

3) Electric toothbrush – First thoroughly clean up your toothbrush and hold the vibrating end of the toothbrush against the erogenous body parts such as nipples, clitoris, and anal pleasure. You can also insert it into the condom and penetrate your vagina with it, making it perfect vibrators for women.

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